HP Managed Print Services – Transition to footPRINT

Welcome Managed Print Services (pMPS) Partners!

A Message from Mary Ann Yule, President & CEO HP Canada


As a valuable HP partner, you are already familiar with HP Canada’s proven track record as having one of the industry’s most respected partner programs. As part of striving to deliver more flexibility and value to our partners, we are excited to announce that we have partnered with footPRINT MPS for our Managed Print Services (MPS) business. footPRINT MPS is a Canadian company that is recognized as having one of the most advanced MPS infrastructure platforms in the industry today. footPRINT only sells through the channel and specializes in helping imaging dealers and technology resellers win more pages under contract with excellent coast to coast support. footPRINT’s focus is within the Canadian SMB market and HP has created a strategic alliance with footPRINT to bring our pMPS partners the following enhanced benefits:


  • footPRINT is 100% focused on supporting partners, no direct relationship to customers
  • Multi-brand support
  • No minimum device requirements
  • Small and medium size business (SMB) expertise
  • Ability to manage older devices and extend their service life
  • Multiple packaging options (by page, seat, location or device)
  • Expanded workflow solutions
  • MPS sales training opportunities


Many of you have had the opportunity to work with Warren Mulliss for your HP pMPS business. We are pleased that Warren has joined the footPRINT team to ensure continuity with you and your customers, and strong engagement with HP.


We invite you to review pertinent FAQ at www.footPRINTmps.com/PARTNERMPS. In the coming weeks, HP and footPRINT will reach out to connect on a transition plan. In the meantime, please don’t hesitate to reach out to Warren directly via wmulliss@footPRINTmps.com or phone (416) 460-9645 should you have any questions.

pMPS Partner FAQs

Transitioning / On Boarding

Q:  What can I expect will happen during the transition and what is required of me?

A:  1) HP and footPRINT are partnering to make your transition as smooth as possible.  You will receive a communication from HP and footPRINT outlining steps and timelines for the transition.

2) Key steps during the transition will be:

  • Load footPRINT’s lightweight Data Capture Application (DCA)
  • Once footPRINT has provided notice, uninstall HP’s DCA
  • Update Contacts:
    • Service & Supplies Number (English) – 1-877-678-4049
    • Service & Supplies Number (French) – 1-877-507-7556
    • Service & Supplies email – service@footPRINTmps.com
    • All other enquires – info@footPRINTmps.com


Q: What changes can I expect in my Services between HP and footPRINT?

A: The outstanding service you’ve received from HP will continue with your footPRINT experience. In addition, footPRINT will be provide the following enhancements:

  • Ability to manage older devices that may not be under a support agreement today
  • Ability to manage devices that are locally-connected
  • Ability to manage multi-brand devices beyond your HP fleet
  • Expanded workflow and secure-print solutions
  • Active fleet-management and “roadmap” recommendations to help ensure you have the right product for your needed business applications
  • Enhanced Monthly Reporting, including outlier devices that are showing service or volume warnings


Q: How do I log, track, and escalate a service call with footPRINT?

A: By either calling  or emailing footPRINT’s customer service team

  • Service Number (English) – 1-877-678-4049
  • Service Number (French) – 1-877-507-7556
  • Service email – service@footPRINTmps.com


Q: Will I keep the same service level agreement (SLA) with footPRINT?

A: Yes, footPRINT will continue to offer the same SLAs as agreed to by HP


Q: Will I receive a service report?

A: Yes, footPRINT can provide a report when requested.  Please submit requests to info@footPRINTmps.com.


Q: How does footPRINT manage the End of Service Life (“EOSL”) devices?

A: footPRINT will guarantee support of all print devices for a minimum of seven (7) years.  Beyond this period, footPRINT will use a best efforts approach to support these aging devices.  When a device model shifts to End of Life, footPRINT will provide the Customer with 90 days notice of the service expiring, along with alternative product options to replace the EOSL device.

Data and Tracking

Q:  Will the Data Capture Application (DCA) currently installed on my network need to change?

A:  Yes, the DCA will be required to change.  footPRINT utilizes a light-weight data collection agent that is typically deployed within 15 minutes. footPRINT will provide an email with instructions on how to install the device – it is very simple and easy.  footPRINT will also provide a whitepaper on the security of the device being installed, along with a Software Team that can walk a Customer through the installation process.


Q:  How will I see printer usage in footPRINT’s environment?

A:  footPRINT will give access to a portal to see printer usage


Q: Will my footPRINT invoices include the same information as my HP invoices?

A: Yes, the invoice you receive from footPRINT will be similar to HP’s and it will include all the same data. In addition, footPRINT will highlight any devices that are being over-utilized, under-utilized, or experiencing multiple service issues.


Q: Will footPRINT charges remain the same as HP?

A: Yes – there will be no change to costs.

Change Management

Q:  How would a Change be processed (Adding devices, move devices, remove devices)?

A:  footPRINT does not require you to submit a change request.  footPRINT will monitor your fleet and is notified if a change is made through the software.  Your account manager will notify you to confirm the change to the agreement.

Print Toner Delivery

Q: Will I still be getting auto supplies ordering?

A: Yes, footPRINT will be monitoring the level of ink and toner left in each of your device reporting.


Q: Who should I contact if I need to track the order status on supplies?

A: Email supplies@footPRINTmps.com.


Q: Will footPRINT be able to emulate the HP shipping label?

A: Yes, footPRINT will have customized labels.

Questions? Feel free to contact me directly!

Warren Mulliss

Sales Director of footPRINT Managed Services


(416) 460-9645

We look forward to helping you grow your Managed Print Business!

Brian Stevenson

President of footPRINT Managed Services


Who is footPRINT?

Managed Print Components

  • Remote Monitoring

    We know when your printers need toner or service.

  • Supply Management

    Avoid last-minute orders and overstocking supplies.

  • Supply Routing

    We ship the right toner to the right location, at the right time.

  • Service Monitoring

    Your printers communicate with us to identify proactive service opportunities.

  • Help Desk & Break/Fix Service

    Keep your high value IT people focused on bigger priorities, while we manage your printers.

  • Quarterly Business Reviews

    Together we’ll review program performance and new opportunities to improve.

Benefits We Provide

Automated Supply Fulfillment
Proactive Service Alerts
Detailed Fleet Reporting
Vendor-Neutral Support
Fleet Uptime Guarantee
Security Protection
Environment & Recycling
Technology Roadmap