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The footPRINT Difference

footPRINT specializes in print management and MPS infrastructure support services – it’s the only thing we do – and we will work with companies of all sizes in an effort to gain control of that last unmanaged cost centre in their organization: document output costs.  Recognized as having the most advanced and flexible MPS programs in North America, footPRINT has the ability to provide a selection of services tailored to the requirements of each customer.  We essentially take care of all of your printers, copiers, and MFP’s, helping you maximize the useful life of all of your assets – and we do this through one predetermined cost per page that can cover everything but the paper and the power.  If you’re interested in learning more about footPRINT or just the nuances of managed print and their potential benefits, please give us a shout.

Clients We Serve

Small/Medium Size Business (1 to 100 Printers)

We’ve grown a lot – but we’ve been in your shoes and we understand the need for business efficiency and cost control.

We’re confident there’s nobody better at maximizing your imaging uptime – and freeing you from that printer support.

Large Organizations (100 to 1000 Printers)

Printer problems are a constant source of frustration. Under the footPRINT MPS program, all printer issues now go to us.

Total automation equals maximum uptime. When we say that we remove the headache of managing your print devices, we truly mean it!

National Accounts (Multiple Locations)

The more locations a customer tends to have, the more challenging and expensive that environment tends to be… and this is definitely true with printers.

footPRINT supports thousands of printing and imaging devices, and delivers on-site service throughout North America.

Cities with Devices Supported
Average Cost Savings
Customer Satisfaction
Average Customer Fleet Uptime

Managed Print Components

  • Remote Monitoring

    We know when your printers need toner or service.

  • Supply Management

    Avoid last-minute orders and overstocking supplies.

  • Supply Routing

    We ship the right toner to the right location, at the right time.

  • Service Monitoring

    Your printers communicate with us to identify proactive service opportunities.

  • Help Desk & Break/Fix Service

    Keep your high value IT people focused on bigger priorities, while we manage your printers.

  • Quarterly Business Reviews

    Together we’ll review program performance and new opportunities to improve.

Transitional Benefits

  • Common Challenges
    • $ 100 Monthly
      • Frustrating for IT and internal helpdesk
      • Uncontrolled Printing
      • Unpredictable Budgets
      • Too many confusing Invoices
      • Reactive Toner Ordering

  • footPRINT Solutions
    • $ 100 Monthly
      • Proactive service, technical helpdesk & rapid response when required
      • Secure environment & User Restrictions
      • Cost Control with a predetermined cost per print
      • One monthly invoice
      • Proactive Replenishment directly to your printer

Industries Served

Finacial & Insurance
Advertising & Media
Architecture & Engineering
Manufacturing & Construction

Benefits We Provide

Automated Supply Fulfillment
Proactive Service Alerts
Detailed Fleet Reporting
Vendor-Neutral Support
Fleet Uptime Guarantee
Security Protection
Environment & Recycling
Technology Roadmap

footPRINT Savings Estimator

 Enter the number of office workers in your business to calculate your potential savings with our Managed Print Services!

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Printing Stats – Your Print Savings Estimate includes the following office printing statistics:


  • Average tree produces 8,333 sheets of paper
  • Typical office worker prints 10,000 sheets of paper per year
  • Common desktop laser printer produces 100 pounds of waste per year
  • Unmanaged print environments have one printer for every 2.7 workers
  • Paper and financial savings are based on typical 30% reduction
  • Assumes zero waste with our print cartridge recycling program

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