Brian Stevenson - President FootPrint MPS

Brian Stevenson

President, footPRINT

The footPRINT Difference

footPRINT is a pioneer in print management services, helping dealers to lay the foundation for future business security and profitability. Only footPRINT provides detailed step-by-step program training, follow-up support and ongoing consulting to help ensure a successful transition to a new model of doing business.


We have been working with our dealers for several years developing MPS programs that fit their business. footPRINT only sells through the channel and we are 100% focused on print – it’s the only thing we do…and we’d like to think we do it better than anyone else.

Why Managed Print Services?

  • Low Cost of Entry

  • Account Protection

  • New Business Acquisition

  • Managed Services Growth

  • It’s YOUR Customer

Scalable Infrastructure

Consulting & Sales Support

We’ll create a unique plan for your people and your business.

Turn Key Infrastructure

You sell it and we do the rest – everything under your brand with your customer.

Simplified Billing

Real time reporting when you need it with one simple invoice every month.

MPS Growth in Canada
Average Margin Per Contract
Average Contract Length in Months
Average MPS Contract Value

Dealer/Reseller Benefits

Fill your Services Bucket

A customer with 10 printers & 2 MFP’s often generates more than $1,000/month in services revenue.

Easy to Include with any Hardware Order

Instead of selling a Carepack and nothing else, shift to selling them MPS…it includes everything the Carepack has to offer, plus toner and maintenance kits.

Easy to Include with any Existing Hardware

your client wants to spend their money on security and virtualization…so help them do it! Wrap existing printers under a MPS agreement to help extend the life of those assets – spend less on printer hardware & more on strategic solutions.

Margin is Terrific

depending on what the deal looks like, your margin could be as low as 10%; maybe as high as 35%.

Works Everywhere

SMB, Mid-Market, or in the Enterprise. Every customer can benefit from a managed print solution.

Transitional Solutions

  • Common Dealer Challenges
    • $ 100 Monthly
      • Don’t understand MPS
      • Want to protect our customers
      • Losing toner revenue to competitors
      • We have techs but don’t know how to price
      • We don’t like printers

  • footPRINT Solutions
    • $ 100 Monthly
      • Coaching, deal crafting, & sales consulting support
      • footPRINT only sells through the channel
      • Wrap into the footPRINT MPS solution
      • footPRINT can support only the areas that need help
      • footPRINT manages everything except your customer relationship

Industry Expertise

Leverage our experience to your advantage.

Finacial & Insurance
Advertising & Media
Architecture & Engineering
Manufacturing & Construction

footPRINT MPS Infrastructure Highlights

Automated Supply Fulfillment
Proactive Service Alerts
Detailed Fleet Reporting
Vendor-Neutral Support
Fleet Uptime Guarantee
Security Protection
Environment & Recycling
Technology Roadmap


Why choose footPRINT?

We believe there are a few reasons.  First, we only sell through the channel and you always own the customer relationship.  Beyond that, we can provide any level of support you desire – from complete MPS, including sales training for your reps – to simply augmenting your current infrastructure and capabilities.

What locations are you able to service and support?

We have coverage across all of Canada – approaching 400 unique locations from coast to coast.

Who leads footPRINT and what is their experience in MPS?

Since the very early days of the industry. Over the past 15 years, I have led the largest MPS provider in North America (LaserNetworks) prior to its sale to Xerox.  During that time, we trademarked “Cost Per Page” and secured the URL for  “”.  I was also one of the founding members of the Managed Print Services Association, a global association that began in 2008.  I continue to sit on the Board and represent the independent reseller.

What size of account is a good fit for MPS?

This answer often depends on your customer – and can range from 1 machine to 100,000 machines.

Is the only way to save money through MPS is by using remanufactured toner?

Definitely not.  There are a few legs to the stool that drive the overall cost of printing.  Supplies is certainly one of them, but it extends to the refresh cycle on the hardware, the cost of servicing the machines, and the overall efficiency of the print environment.  Overall, the hardcost savings associated with MPS is real, but there are several ways to realize those benefits.

I don’t know how to start a MPS conversation with my customer, can you help?

Absolutely!  We’ve been fortunate to work with companies of all sizes – across all industries – and in all provinces across Canada.  Please reach out & we can help provide you with a roadmap within five minutes.

Can you ship supplies without our customer having to call?

YES.  footPRINT’s MPS solution is the most advanced program in Canada.  Utilizing our patented technology, we ship supplies on a ‘days remaining’ basis, ensuring the toner always arrives on time – but not too early!

Is there money to be made in Managed Print Services?

My experience is a definite yes, and continues to grow.  I like to think of it as a “get rich slowly” model, and the math certainly supports that statement.  Service margins tend to be higher than transactional margins.  You can wrap more products into the solution (hardware, supplies, and service) and the contracts are typically 3 years – 5 years in length.

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