Managed Print Services Roadmapping



Print is a critical function within virtually every business.  The Gartner Group estimates print costs represent 3 - 6% of total revenues.  Unless you're in the print business, you most likely have better things to worry your customers.  footPRINT MPS has over 15 years of experience helping clients align their business objectives with the appropriate output strategy.


With the following process footPRINT MPS will support your document and workflow evolution within your business.  Moving through this process will also help you select the most appropriate vendor.



Understanding the desired business results is the first step in starting a project.  This could include cost savings, extending the life of existing assets, secure printing or other document workflow solutions.



Understanding the needs of the individual users and groups is the next step.  Who will be using the technology?  What will they be using it for?  Change can be uncomfortable and making sure the users' needs are met, while communicating how they meet business objectives is critical in implementing a successful project.



The next step is to determine the appropriate objectives and how they align with the desired outcome.  We help define project goals by understanding expectations and limitations.



Most of our time at this stage will be spent scoping out the strategy, which includes budgets, roles, internal processes, stakeholders, policies, empowerment, change management, legal, regulatory and compliance issues. This information needs to be collected, discussed, agreed upon with the Client and then documented. This document includes a plan for how needs may change over time.


Vendor Selection

Once the scoping document is complete, you are ready to select a technology solution and a provider. Leveraging footPRINT's proprietary decision analysis process, you can confidently decide on the most approprIate vendor.


At this stage, your desired outcome, audience, the objectives, and the strategy are clear.  By leveraging the footPRINT MPS proprietary decision analysis process, you can determine what the technology needs to deliver and the most appropriate vendor to deliver those results.



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